Welcome to the Women of Color Writers’ Circle.

In this international circle it is our vision to offer encouragement, give advice and share stories with women of color who write regardless of age, genre, location or topic.

Latest from the Blog

Accountability Partners

You have probably heard of accountability partners before. Usually in terms of making sure you do something whether it is work-related or self-care related, or something else. An accountability partner is someone who holds you to the promise that you made to yourself. So let’s say that your goal was to go to the gymContinue reading “Accountability Partners”

Ways To Get Through The Slump

Sometimes writing can be exhilarating. Other times, it can feel like you’re slogging through mud that’s knee-deep. Too many would-be writers have given up because they could not get over that hump. And too many stories have been forfeited because of it. That being said, here are five quick tips that may help you orContinue reading “Ways To Get Through The Slump”

Taking Breaks

 You might be wondering what this blog post is about. And then again, perhaps you aren’t. I tried to make the title as clear-cut as possible but for many people those two words mean very different things. So, to reiterate, this is just a reminder of the importance of taking breaks, even as a writer.Continue reading “Taking Breaks”

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